GCBRE Episode 7: Future Spongebob Scholars, The PIRATE Episode Part 2, Johanna Lindsey & A Giant With A Lady Leg


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Hello, Pervy Readers and Listeners!

This week Scott’s in his own Pirate heaven. We embark on an academic examination of SpongeBob’s cultural impact. Sarah’s wild about Juneau and Ollie. Scott asks if size matters while reading Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey.



Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey



The Reach Around!

Help us pick self-published authors to boost on the podcast! I don’t have as much time to read as I used to and I’d love to know who you love. Share your favorite author or book in the comments below and we’ll pick one to focus on for next week’s podcast. Make sure you tell us what makes that author/book special for you!

This week we’re highlighting Aimee Nicole Walker. Bev falls in love with her sweet characters and looks forward to each of her books. Please take a look and let us know how much you love her!

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Aimee Nicole Walker’s Amazon Author Page:



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Aimee Nicole Walker’s Blog:



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GCBRE Episode 7: Future Spongebob Scholars, The PIRATE Episode Part 2, Johanna Lindsey & A Giant With A Lady Leg

GCBRE Episode 1: Pilot! Scandalous foods, Julia Quinn and Self-publishing


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Hello, my Pervy Readers and Listeners!

Welcome to The Grilled Cheese & Bukkake Romance Extravaganza! In this week’s episode we explore women who write scandalous things and the men who suffer alongside them. Sarah talks about writing, visiting CCU for National Coming Out Day and porn on social media. Scott reads Romancing Mr. Bridgerton by Julia Quinn and shares his thoughts on Penelope Featherington. You’ll get to hear my obnoxious laugh and discover that I have the worst voice for podcasts and listen as Scott insists he isn’t bothered by all the kissing.




The Reach-Around!

Help us pick self-published authors to boost on the podcast! I don’t have as much time to read as I used to and I’d love to know who you love. Share your favorite author or book in the comments below and we’ll pick one to focus on for next week’s podcast. Make sure you tell us what makes that author/book special for you!

I chose The Carter Seagrove Project to start us off. Alp Mortal and friends at CSP have made a lovely haven for beautiful LGBTQ books, film, art and music. They’re brilliant and do amazing work and love to support indie artists. They’ve supported me as I’ve found my feet in self-publishing and I can’t say enough about how great they are there. Please check them out and support them!

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Find the incredible Carter Seagrove Project at:



Please ask questions!

Ask us anything! We’ll do our best to answer your questions on the next podcast. Leave them in the comments below!


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Also! Please Visit K. Sterling’s Amazon Author Page For All Of Sarah’s Titles:

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GCBRE Episode 1: Pilot! Scandalous foods, Julia Quinn and Self-publishing

Welcome To Beldon Hall, My Perverts!


Look at what we have here, my lovely Perverts! I’d like to say I kept this one close to the chest because I wanted it to be a lovely Halloween surprise. That was a very large factor but I’ve also been stupid busy. Something happens toward the end of September, the rest of the year seems to roll end over end down the hill in its hurry to land in a jumbled but glowing mess at the bottom of the year. We weren’t sure how or when we’d publish Hell In Beldon Hall, we didn’t even have a cover until about twelve hours ago. But I was inspired to try something totally different because I’m a nerd and Halloween is my favorite after Thanksgiving. All the carbs are there and my body is approximately 50% gravy.

I was just setting out on what probably would have been a sinker when a darker, twistier story started to peck at the back of my brain. I’m not immune to the siren call of the Halloween costume and candy explosion at Target, I see a sequined covered skull or a sexy pumpkin and I’m in the mood for Poe and Brontë. And I’d recently rewatched Rebecca and I wanted my own Manderley. “Oh, shit. I’m about to give you Gay Gothic, for your nerves,” I decided and that’s exactly what we did.

This one is intensely dark, at its core. I couldn’t publish it without including a warning. But there’s also so much light, laughter and glorious gay sex. I’m still me and you know I can’t keep a straight face for more than a moment and it has to feel good. If you’ve longed for a Gothic Romance featuring a brooding earl and donkey punching, holy shit, I’ve totally delivered.

I’m not giving you a large, super naughty excerpt this time. I’m giving you my very favorite chapter. It’s short and gives absolutely nothing away. Deal with it:


“I’d love you to love me! I’m begging you to beg me! I want you to want meeee!” Byron sang loudly and Alastair’s cheeks puffed out as he leaned against the bathroom door and girded things. Mornings were both the highlight of Alastair’s day and an exquisitely painful battery of tortures.

It usually began with the singing. It was always the same song and Alastair would never hear it and not get a semi. He loved Byron’s voice and he was energetic and optimistic as he danced and pouted in front of the mirror as he shaved. And he was so adorably sincere as he begged to be loved as he brushed his teeth or sang into his hairbrush. Alastair ached to pull him into his arms and spin him around the bathroom as he sang at the top of his lungs but he felt too damaged and dark. He couldn’t imagine holding something so bright and joyful in his hands and not breaking it.

“Oh, didn’t I, didn’t I, didn’t I see you cryin’?”

There were times when Alastair genuinely wanted to cry. Byron wasn’t the least bit shy. His casual locker room attitude was killing Alastair. He’d hop and wiggle his ass as he sang and the most Alastair could ever hope for was a pair of boxers. Or not hope for. A hysterical laugh burst from his throat and he pinched the bridge of his nose. He was never sure if he was disappointed or relieved whenever Byron put on his boxers but they only made it slightly easier for Alastair to breathe.

And the touching! His fingers would trail down Alastair’s spine before he reached around him for the toothpaste or he’d pull him against his chest briefly as they passed each other at the sink. He was always teasing and playful but he was ruthless and brazen in the bathroom. Alastair loved it and as painful as the rest of his day would be, he sprinted out of bed every morning as soon as his eyes opened because he didn’t want to miss a minute of it.

“Feelin’ all alone without a friend, you know you feel like dyin!”

For the first time in his life, Alastair wasn’t alone. He was starting to suspect he might be happy, for the first time as well.

“I’d love you to love me,” Alastair whispered then took a deep breath and opened the door.


Hell In Beldon Hall is available on Amazon!


Welcome To Beldon Hall, My Perverts!

Throwdown Thursday. Or, Thirsty Thursday? Whatever. There’s sex.

***WARNING!!! Very naughty excerpt involving naughty adult gay men. You must be at least 18 and love naughty gay men!***

Hello, my Pervy Readers!

Falling For Disaster is doing so well and I’m just pee-my-pants happy about the response I’m getting. Finn and Saint are definitely one of my favorite pairs.

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  I’m starting work on my next book but I thought I’d share another excerpt from Falling For Disaster, in case you haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

 ***WARNING!!! Very naughty excerpt involving naughty adult gay men. You must be at least 18 and love naughty gay men!*** 

“Is something wrong?” Finn asked carefully and Saint’s eyes were large and turbulent when they flicked to Finn’s.

“God damn it,” Saint gasped as he rushed at Finn.

“What?” Finn jumped and took a few steps back before Saint’s hands locked around Finn’s face.

Saint’s eyes were wild as his mouth collided with Finn’s and he growled as his tongue swept past Finn’s lips. Saint was ruthless and hungry. His tongue thrust and probed urgently and Finn could only hang on as he was thrown against the staircase. His hands clung to Saint’s shoulders as complete shock and a little fear flooded Finn’s brain. Saint groaned as one hand slid through Finn’s hair and cupped the back of his head and the other wrapped around Finn’s neck. Saint angled his head, taking the kiss deeper and heat and need exploded. Finn locked an arm around Saint’s neck and the taste of mint and wind had his nerves flickering. Saint pulled back and another hoarse growl tore from his throat as he pushed Finn’s t-shirt up his chest and whipped it over his head. Finn blinked, dazed and breathless, then hissed when Saint’s lips and tongue attacked the corner of his neck.

“Fuck. You smell so good,” Saint panted as his hands roamed over Finn’s chest and stomach. They were rough, covered with callouses and huge as they gripped and slid over Finn’s body frantically while his teeth grazed Finn’s skin. “What is that?” He asked and Finn forced his eyes open as he tried to remember.

“It’s a beeswax and jojoba based apothecary blend I order from New York,” he said and Saint raised his head.

“What?” He asked as his head pulled back in confusion. Finn shook his head.

“Never mind,” he said as he reached for Saint and pulled his lips to his.

Finn’s fingers dug into Saint’s hair and he tugged at the elastic band and hummed in delight as it slipped off and Saint’s hair fell. It was warm and feathery soft against the backs of Finn’s hands and the smell of shampoo filled Finn as he sucked on Saint’s lower lip. There was a soft grunt and Finn was pinned against the wall and his eyes flared as the hard heat of Saint’s erection pressed against the corner of Finn’s thigh. Saint’s hands wrapped around Finn’s ass and he ground his hips as he groaned Finn’s name. Then, those large hands locked around Finn’s shoulders, holding Finn against the wall as Saint stepped back. His eyes were dark and hard as they poured into Finn’s before they slid down Finn’s body.

“Son of a bitch,” Saint complained under his breath and Finn looked down and frowned. Aside from a very serious and obvious hard-on pushing against the front of his sweatpants, Finn couldn’t see anything remarkable about his appearance.

“Is something wroooohhh…” The question turned into a moan when Saint grabbed the front of Finn’s pants and boxers and tugged them down, releasing Finn’s pulsing length. Saint shook his head but his eyes were locked on Finn’s cock. Finn’s eyes flared as he watched Saint’s hand wrap around his length then his head fell back and his eyelids dropped as Saint began to stroke.

“I shouldn’t be doing this. I told myself I had to leave you alone,” Saint rasped and a weak laugh burst from Finn as his head rolled against the wall. Heat and pleasure swirled in is groin and his body was starting to twitch as his nerves tightened.

“I’m glad you didn’t listen,” he said and he couldn’t stop his lips from curving. He licked them and shook his head in disbelief. The crisp taste of Saint’s lips and tongue was still there and Finn felt like he was wrapped in Saint’s clean, soft scent and warmth. Then, he wasn’t. Finn opened his eyes and had to blink several times before he looked down and found Saint on his knees, his lips hovering in front of Finn’s cock as Saint’s hand continued to tug. “Holy shit,” Finn whispered and he instinctively reached for the banister above his head.

  If you’d like to read more, you can find them here:

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Throwdown Thursday. Or, Thirsty Thursday? Whatever. There’s sex.

Want Something Naughty And New?

**Very Adult Excerpt Below, Intended For “Adults”**


Happy Friday, Pervy Readers! I’m just about done writing and I expect to start editing tomorrow or Sunday. Sigh. I won’t bore you with more complaining about editing. The whole world knows how much I hate editing by now, I’m sure. But, I love you! So, I’m going to just give you the goods. Parker and Ross are awesome. They’re very sweet together and the sex is crazy hot. I can’t wait for you to read this new book. Obviously, I haven’t settled on a title but I’m hoping I’ll have one and a new cover by the end of next week. Anywhoooo, here’s an unedited peek at how Parker and Ross spend a yucky day together:

**Warning! Graphic, Delicious Adult Gay Sex And Very Adult Language! Please Be At Least 18!**  

It didn’t look like the kind of day to be out and about. Parker watched Ross frown at the sky on the other side of the window as they drank their coffee. Despite the miserable morning, they got out early and were sitting in their favorite coffee shop. Ross took a long sip of his coffee before turning to Parker.

“We should cook something today.” He announced and Parker’s brows pulled together.

“You want to cook?” Parker asked slowly and Ross shrugged.

“Why not?” He gave Parker an expectant look and Parker leaned back and crossed his arms.

“I don’t know, because neither of us knows how?” He offered and Ross waved dismissively.

“I’m sure that between the two of us, we can manage.” Ross countered and Parker rolled his eyes.

“Fine. I have stuff to make peanut butter and jelly’s and some boxes of mac and cheese. If you’re really that desperate to fend for yourself. We’d need to get some butter and my milk’s probably spoiled.” Parker said and Ross shook his head.

“No. Let’s find a real recipe, go buy everything we need and then go home and make it.” He suggested and Parker bit his lip and he considered.

“That sounds like a lot of work. Couldn’t we just buy a game or a movie and get take-out from wherever you want?” He asked and Ross shook his head again.

“Come on. It’ll be fun.” He promised and Parker wondered if he’d lost his mind. Ross laughed softly as he leaned over the table and took Parker’s hand. Parker already knew he didn’t stand a chance but he raised a brow and waited for Ross to “convince” him. “How about a lasagna?” He asked as he raised Parker’s hand to his lips. They were warm and soft against Parker’s palm.

“I’m pretty sure you can buy those pre-made and frozen.” Parker murmured. Ross rolled his eyes before his tongue discreetly traced the line down the center of his palm and Parker suppressed a shiver.

“We can make it from scratch. We’ll look online and find a recipe and make a shopping list. It’ll be an adventure.” His teeth grazed before he softly bit the heel of Parker’s hand. Parker’s thumb brushed along Ross’ cheek.

“I’m pretty sure I can do a lot of things but that doesn’t mean I have to.” Parker was certain that if he held out a little longer, it was going to pay off. “I can learn to remove my own appendix but I’d rather leave that in more capable hands.” He explained and Ross grinned.

“There’s a very big difference between making a lasagna and surgery. Or, so I’m told.” He kissed Parker’s wrist then leaned close and Parker sighed.

“I think lasagnas take a lot of ingredients and a lot of time to put together.” He complained and Ross nodded in agreement as his hand wrapped around Parker’s neck. Ross angled his head forward so that his lips hovered next to Parker’s ear.

“It’ll be great. We’ll make a salad and garlic bread, drink a lot of wine…” His breath was hot and damp, coffee scented steam in Parker’s ear. He bit back a groan as Ross’ hand wrapped around his thigh under the table and squeezed. “We’ll get some tiramisu, too. And I’m pretty sure that lasagnas take a long time to bake. We’ll have to find some way to pass the time. Maybe we’ll take a bath. You know how hungry baths make me.” He whispered and Parker nodded weakly as his cock got heavy and started to throb. The last time they took a bath, Parker found himself bent over the sink as Ross’ tongue-fucked his ass until he came all over the front of the cabinet.

“Ok.” Parker breathed. “We’ll make a lasagna.” He agreed. “Do you want to look for the recipe or should I?” His voice shook and Ross’ smile was brilliant as he sat back.

“You can look. Just don’t pick one of those meatless ones with lots of spinach.” He stipulated and Parker nodded, still too distracted by the idea of a long “bath”.

“Got it. With meat and no spinach.” He mumbled as his thumb slid over the lock screen on his phone.

An hour later, Parker was doing his best to pay attention and look interested as they stared into a dairy case at the grocery store. Ross had his phone and was studying the shopping list.

“I don’t want a diet-ie lasagna, so let’s get the whole milk ricotta.” He mumbled as he bent forward grabbed a tub. Parker’s eyes widened and he looked around nervously as Ross’ ass pushed against his groin. Ten minutes later, Parker gasped as Ross’ cock pressed into the cleft of his ass as he reached around Parker for the lasagna noodles. “It says ‘No Boil’ noodles. I think these are it.” Ross’ voice was a low, deep rumble in Parker’s ear. Parker elbowed him as he stepped to the side.

“Knock it off.” He warned as he gave Ross a stern look. “We’re going to get thrown out. I’m definitely not going to be in the mood to cook when we get home, if you keep this up.” Parker said under his breath as he turned and headed down the aisle.

“The recipe reviews suggested substituting some or all of the meat with sausage. Let’s do half.” Ross said as he reached for a package of Italian sausage. He winked at Parker as he dropped it in the cart. “I do love sausage.” He said and Parker snorted.

“Oh, my God. That’s not even a little bit of a turn-on. Unless you’re fourteen.” He grumbled then shuddered. “Oh, ew.” Parker complained and Ross laughed.

“I’m definitely not fourteen.” He grinned as his hand pressed against the middle of Parker’s back and pushed gently. A moment later, the hand curved around Parker’s ass as they turned a corner. Parker gave Ross an impatient look. “What? No one saw.” He insisted and Parker rolled his eyes.

They found the rest of the ingredients for the lasagna, garlic bread and salad, then a tiramisu from the bakery. After a little more research, Parker picked two bottles of a syrah/malbec blend. In line, he frowned at their cart as they waited to check out.

“What’s wrong? Did we forget something?” Ross asked as he rubbed Parker’s shoulders reassuringly. Parker nodded.

“Yeah. We forgot that last weekend I almost cut my finger off trying to slice an apple for us.” He said as he reached into the cart and began to place items on the belt. “This looks like shit a for real Nonna would buy.” Parker complained and Ross dipped his head and kissed Parker’s cheek before he moved past him to get to the register.

“Quit worrying. I’m excited.” Ross said before he grinned at the cashier. She offered Ross a disapproving glare.

“Do you think that’s appropriate behavior? There are children in here.” She announced a bit too loudly. Ross shrugged before he craned his neck, obviously studying her name tag.

“I don’t know what you’re referring to, Vera.” He said even louder. “Would you find it inappropriate if a man kissed a woman affectionately on the cheek? Or, are you offended at the concept of anything other than a chianti served with lasagna?” Ross teased and she gave him a hard look.

“Would you like paper or plastic?” She ground out and Ross gave her a warm smile.

“Paper, please.” He purred and she pretended to become absorbed in the hunt for the produce code for the garlic.

Parker shook his head in disbelief as he continued to empty the cart. He wouldn’t have handled that with as much grace. He would have demanded to see the manager and asked if Vera’s behavior was in keeping with the store’s policies. Parker would have made a scene, he would have wanted to make everyone aware of the hypocrisy and the double standard. Instead, Ross kept up a polite banter and thanked Vera as they left.

“You know, I would have made a scene back there.” Parker said as they loaded bags into the back of Ross’ car. Ross shrugged and reached into the cart.

“That would have been fine, too.” He announced as he wedged the wine bottles between heavier bags to keep them from rolling. “Sometimes, I don’t feel like being a poster boy or an activist. Sometimes, I just want to pay for my groceries and have a chill kind of day with the man I love.” Ross said as he wrapped his arm around Parker and lowered his head to peck at his lips. “Sometimes, I like when people feel like shit when you respond with calm kindness. I like to be the Ambassador of the High Road, now and then.” He explained and Parker’s chest filled with warmth as happiness and admiration bloomed.

“You’re going to have a hard time convincing me that I should do anything but keep you in bed all day.” Parker said as he backed Ross against the car and dove for his lips. Ross hummed happily as he fisted his hands in Parker’s shirt and their tongues tangled. Parker couldn’t stop his hips from rocking as his erection pushed angrily against the front of his jeans. Ross’ head snapped back and he groaned as his hands wrapped around Parker’s shoulders and he pushed him back half a step.

“Now who’s getting carried away?” Ross asked as he stood up straight. “And you’re not going to sidetrack us.” He insisted as he reached around Parker and pulled the last bag out of the cart. “We keep them in our pants until the lasagna goes in the oven. Go park this.” He ordered as his head jerked toward the cart parking spot. Parker scowled as he pushed it across the parking lot and pushed his hands into his pocket as he trudged back to Ross’ car.

“I don’t understand why we can’t take a break after we unload the car and put everything away.” Parker mumbled as he sat and buckled the seat belt. Ross shook his head.

“And lose my incentive?” Ross argued. “If I put out before we even get started, you’ll be useless.” He stated as he drove out of the parking lot. Parker crossed his arms over his chest and didn’t hide that he was pouting.

“You’re a tease. You led me on the whole time we were shopping and now you’re telling me I have to wait.” Parker grumbled and Ross nodded.

“I did do that.” He grinned as he stopped at a light and his hand slid up Parker’s thigh. “And I plan to keep it up the whole time we’re cooking. I want you to stay motivated. And I know how easily you get bored. I need you to pay attention.” Ross’ hand dipped between Parker’s thighs and he cupped Parker’s sack. Parker bit back a moan as he spread his thighs wider and scooted lower in the seat so he could tilt his hips, giving Ross more access.

“What if I promise to be really helpful and focus if you’ll blow me when we get home?” Parker suggested. Ross’ lips twisted as he gave Parker’s offer some thought.

“I might be willing to compromise, if you don’t complain as much while we’re putting everything away.” He countered and Parker nodded emphatically.

“I promise to be very enthusiastic about your groceries.” He insisted as his hand closed over Ross’ and he thrust into his palm. “If I had known how turned on you got over shopping and cooking, I would have been on board a lot sooner.” Parker growled in frustration when they stopped at another light. He needed them to be home and finished unloading the car ten minutes ago. Nearly two hours of constant flirting and discreet fondling had taken its toll and Parker felt like he was about to explode. His balls ached and the front of his boxer briefs were damp with pre-cum. Ross’ hand squeezed Parker’s cock through his jeans and he hissed as he clutched at Ross’ arm. “Jesus. I’m going to lose my mind before we get home.” He whimpered. Ross’ jaw twitched as he changed lanes.

“Take it out.” He said firmly and Parker’s eyes flared as they swung toward Ross.

“What?” Parker screeched in disbelief.

“Take your cock out.” Ross commanded as his eyes remained fixed on the road. For a moment, Parker thought about arguing. They weren’t teenagers and they were only about five minutes from home. But somehow, his shaking fingers had already slipped the button free and were tugging the zipper down. Parker reached into the gaping front of his jeans and he sighed in relief when he released his angry, pulsing erection. Ross’ hand closed around it and Parker gasped as he began to stroke.

“Fuck, Parker.” Ross breathed as his hand slid slowly up his length. “That’s so beautiful.” Ross groaned as his hand slid back down. “And you’re so hard.” He licked his lips and Parker hissed as Ross’ hand reached deep and curved around his sack. Parker’s head fell back against the head rest and his eyes shut as Ross’ hand returned to his shaft and started to tug firmly.

“Oh, God…” Parker whispered urgently. “You’re going to make me come, Ross.” He warned and Ross shook his head as he squeezed the base of Parker’s erection.

“Not yet.” He growled as he stopped at a light and turned to Parker. “Wait until we get home. I want to swallow every drop of that after I’ve tasted every inch of your cock and sucked on your balls.” Ross demanded and Parker nodded as he clawed at the door and clenched everything, trying to hold his orgasm off, denying the tickling and tensing of his nerves and the swelling pleasure and pressure that filled his sack.

“Please, hurry!” Parker begged as his hips rocked rhythmically, silently urging Ross to keep stroking.

“We’re just about there.” Ross promised as his thumb swept over the head, collecting the dribble of pre-cum that leaked from it. He raised his hand and hummed in delight as he sucked his thumb clean.

Parker almost sobbed in relief when Ross pulled into the driveway and quickly shut off the car. He leaned and his shoulders dropped and Parker yelped in shock when Ross’ lips closed over the end of his cock and sucked hungrily.

“Ross!” Parker hissed as his head swung around, looking outside the car for anyone that might see them. The street was clear and Parker relaxed slightly. “We can’t do this here.” He whispered urgently. A moment later, Ross sighed heavily as he raised his head.

“I just wanted a taste.” He explained before his hands cupped Parker’s face and he pulled him close for a quick, demanding kiss. “Hurry up and get inside.” Ross ordered before he opened the door and jumped out. Parker cursed as he tugged his jeans in place and carefully settled himself before zipping and buttoning his fly. He half walked and half jogged awkwardly to the door and gasped as the breath was knocked from him as Ross threw him against the door as soon as he was through it.

“Thank God.” Parker mumbled as he tried to reach for the fly of his jeans but Ross pushed his hands away. Within seconds Parker’s jeans and boxer briefs were around his ankles and Ross was on his knees. “Oh, God! Yesssss…” Parker’s head lolled against the panels of the door as his fingers sifted through Ross’ hair as Ross’ tongue licked up the length of his cock.

“What are you made of? Why can’t I stop needing to taste you?” Ross whispered urgently against Parker’s skin before his lips closed over the head of Parker’s erection. He began to suck and Parker’s eyes rolled back into his head and warmth pooled in his groin and pleasure swirled.

“Fuck, that’s so good.” Parker whimpered as his fingertips pressed against Ross’ scalp and he fought off the need to fist his hands in his hair and thrust into Ross’ mouth. “So good.” Parker breathed and Ross moaned in delight as he took Parker deep into his throat. Ross sucked and tight, wet pressure engulfed Parker and he panted Ross’ name. Ross lips released Parker and his eyes were a deep emerald as his tongue glided down Parker’s length. His head tilted and Parker hissed when Ross lapped at his sack. Ross sucked, pulling Parker’s balls into his mouth as his hand wrapped firmly around Parker’s shaft and stroked. Parker’s sack pulled tight and pressure pushed up his length. “I’m so close!” Parker gasped and Ross growled softly as he raised his head and teased the end of Parker’s cock with his tongue, tracing the slit and brushing his lips over the tight, delicate skin.

“Give it to me, Parker.” Ross commanded gently. “Come all over my tongue, I need to taste you.” His eyes held Parker’s as he let his mouth fall open. His hand tugged firmly as his tongue fluttered against the head, soft, warm and waiting. Everything in Parker’s body locked and he arched against the door.

“Rosssss…” Parker hissed as his head snapped back and his body came apart.

A current of bright, electric pleasure radiated from his groin and Parker’s knees almost buckled as Ross’ lips closed around the end of his cock and he began to suck greedily. Ross wrapped his arms around Parker’s waist, supporting him as pressure surged up Parker’s length and a stream of come burst from the head, deep into Ross’ throat. Parker twisted and shook as Ross drank until the pulling and pulsing ceased and Parker laughed drunkenly and slid down the door. He pulled Ross’ lips to his and kissed him lazily, humming in delight as he tasted his come on Ross’ tongue. Their lips clung for several moments and Ross chuckled as he pulled Parker to his feet.

“You still have to help unload and cook.” He reminded and Parker laughed as he pulled his jeans and briefs up and quickly zipped and buttoned.

“Oh, I’m about to cook the shit out of some lasagna.” Parker announced as Ross opened the door.

They’re adorable, right? I think so. And they’re almost ready for you. While you’re waiting, you can read my other books, if you haven’t already. Please?

Waiting For Mr. Ashwell

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http://www.amazon.com/Waiting-For-Mr-Ashwell-Sterling-ebook/dp/B00TC2EQIY/ref=zg_bs_7620215011_9 …

Building Heat

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 4.19.41 AM


Hide And Keep

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Playing The Hero

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 1.29.29 PM


Want Something Naughty And New?

A FREE Book & A Super Naughty Excerpt!

**Warning! Super Naughty Excerpt Below! Contains Yummy, Explicit Gay ADULT Sex. You Must Be 18+ To Participate!**

Oh, my Pervy Readers! Waiting For Mr. Ashwell is FREE today! I will make you love this book. It’s my first M/M novel and it’s so much fun and has some genuinely touching moments. They’re so in love and so very, very hot. Of my four M/M books, Mr. Ashwell is having the hardest time. I think readers are staying away because they think he’s tamer than the rest, like the period aspect makes him softer. Not at all, I promise. If anything, I’d say I pushed it a little harder in this one and toned it down as I went along. See what I did there? I thought I’d give you a special excerpt to prove that my Ned and Ash are every bit as naughty as my modern guys. Chapter 20 is one of my favorites and beautifully sums up their relationship. Read the excerpt, then rush to Amazon and get your copy while it’s FREE. You never know when a “good” book will come in handy. I’m on it this morning.


From Waiting For Mr. Ashwell:

“It was somewhere around here…” Ned mused as he scanned the shelves in the library. “Almanac, almanac, almanac…” He whispered as he tapped the books along the row. “Ah! Here it is!” Ned pulled the book from the shelf and started tapping along the spines as he moved right until he found what he was looking for. “And Voltaire for later.”

Ned smiled as he hugged the books to his chest and strode from the library. His campaign to stay busy while Ash was away had been very successful. He’d sent out a storm of letters each day to his land managers and he expected that he would see positive results. Ash would be proud of how productive he’d been. And I’ll have nothing to do but focus on Ash when he returns. Ned’s mind started to wander to what parts of Ash he’d like to focus on as he turned toward the study. He saw Ash out of the corner of his eye and dismissed it at first, shaking his head. Focus, Ned. You’re seeing things, he scolded himself then nearly dropped the books when Ash moved.

“Ned.” Ash’s voice was deep and soft. Ned’s eyes widened in surprise.

“What are you doing here? I didn’t expect you for another three days.” Ned whispered as Ash looked at the books in his hand.

“Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.” Ash’s eyes held Ned’s as he quoted. “Something happened. We need to talk, Ned.” His eyes flicked to the study and Ned nodded as he turned. Anxiety curled through Ned as he stepped into the study and let Ash pass. He shut the door and was thrown against the panels as he turned. Ned would have gasped in shock but Ash’s mouth crashed against his as his hands closed around Ned’s face. The kiss was so urgent and deep, it made Ned’s knees turn to water. Ash raised his head.

“Drop the books.” He commanded. Ned dropped the books. Ash growled as he pressed his body to Ned’s and his lips were all over Ned’s face. They found Ned’s ear. “Henry knows. My mother knows. Rebecca knows.” Ash’s words were so hot and wet and low, they made Ned shiver. Ned’s eyes flared.

“Good God! Are you all right?” His face whipped toward Ash’s and he searched his eyes. Warmth flooded Ned when Ash smiled and nodded softly.

“I’ve never been so happy in my life.” He whispered before his lips claimed Ned’s again. The kiss started out gentle and joyful, Ned felt tears burning his eyes. Then, he felt Ash’s very large and very hard erection pressed against his thigh. Ash groaned and angled his face. His tongue thrust and slid against Ned’s and everything became hot. Ash’s mouth was hot, his hands on Ned’s face and throat were hot. The bulge in Ash’s breeches felt like it would burn through layers of buckskin and wool and Ned felt like the room was suddenly way too hot to be wearing clothing. Ned felt Ash’s hands working at the falls of his trousers and he moaned into Ash’s mouth. He shut his eyes as a shudder passed through him when Ash pulled his erection free and started tugging gently. Ned nearly wept, Ash’s hand felt so perfect around him. Ash raised his head and Ned opened his eyes.

“What did Henry say?” Ned asked shakily. Ash’s smile made his heart stop. Then, Ash dropped to his knees and Ned’s heart started to beat wildly. He heard Ash inhale and groan rapturously before he set his tongue to the base of Ned’s cock. Ned’s hands grabbed at the door behind him, trying to find something to hold on to. Ash’s lips closed around him and he started sucking. His head rose and fell rapidly and Ned’s sack was quickly drenched in wet heat. Ash lifted his head and his hand stroked Ned’s rigid length as their gazes locked.

“He said I should tell everyone I’m living at Hendrick Hall.” Ash whispered the words against Ned’s erection. Ned was sure there was a question he should ask in return but his brain was utterly broken as Ash’s mouth closed around him. Ash’s lips slid down, taking Ned deep. Ned tried to move his tongue and noticed his mouth was dry, it had been hanging open for too long. He shut it and worked on making it feel normal while Ash worked on making Ned lose his mind. Ash held Ned against the back of his throat, swallowing and caressing him with his tongue. Ned blinked rapidly as he saw sparks before him. There was hard sucking as Ash slowly pulled back and Ned felt like he was sliding down the door. Ash looked up at Ned again. “Henry’s going to forward all of my mail here.” More soft, wet warmth around Ned’s cock as Ash started sucking again. Ned’s brain started assembling the sentences and a thought was forming. Ash gets his mail delivered here… Then, his brain went dormant again. Ash was hungrily licking and sucking as his hand pulled gently at Ned’s sack. Ned felt the pressure building and knew he wouldn’t last much longer. It was all too good and something in him knew that a very wonderful thing was happening and it wasn’t just Ash’s mouth upon him. Ash was sucking on the head of Ned’s cock and his tongue was pressing into the slit. Ned hissed and his hand slid around Ash’s head. He felt Ash’s head tilt and he looked down. Ash’s eyes were deep and intense. “I’m closing the house in Mayfair. I’m never leaving Elston unless you’re coming with me.” His mouth closed around Ned and he sucked hard.

That was it. Ned gasped as his balls pulled tight and heat rushed up the length of his erection. Liquid light exploded from the end of Ned’s cock and he clenched his jaw to keep from screaming as Ash’s hands closed around his ass, holding him deep in his throat as he swallowed the contents of Ned’s soul. Ned trembled against the door, his eyes squeezed shut and his chest heaving as Ash’s lips pressed gentle kisses to his sensitive, softening cock. Ash stood and placed his hands on the door outside of Ned’s shoulders. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to Ned’s. Ned licked them and couldn’t stop the laugh that slipped from his throat.

“I’m very excited about this.” Ned murmured against Ash’s lips. He felt Ash’s mouth curve against his.

“I noticed.” He rumbled. Ned nodded softly, loving how it made his lips brush against Ash’s.

“This is how I should like to receive all news in the future.” Ned declared. Ash laughed softly, the sound curling through Ned, leaving warmth in its wake.

Ned pulled Ash close as he nibbled his lips until they opened. He tasted his seed in Ash’s mouth and he sent his tongue questing to find every trace of his essence. He felt the muscles in Ash’s body tense and his tongue became urgent in Ned’s mouth. Ned felt Ash’s hands working between them, swiftly opening the buttons of his breeches. Anticipation streaked through Ned as he reached down and grabbed Ash’s cock and started stroking. Ash was so hard and so hot. Ash threw his head back and his chest expanded as he pulled in a ragged breath.

Just as Ned was about to drop to his knees, Ash grabbed Ned’s shoulders and spun him, pushing him against the door. Ned smiled against the panels as he felt the warmth of Ash’s body behind him. Ash’s breath huffed, hot and damp against his ear and Ned shivered. Ned felt Ash’s hand against his back, removing something from his coat.

“I have a gift for you.” Ash panted in Ned’s ear.

“Hmm?” Ned was sure it was something fabulous but he didn’t want Ash to stop whatever he was about to do when he threw him against the door. Ash’s arm wrapped around him and his hand pressed against Ned’s chest, holding him close as the other arm reached around and revealed a silver flask. Ned frowned as he looked down. “That’s a lovely flask.” He mumbled as he arched his back against Ash. Ned was sure he’d adore it later. Ash laughed softly against Ned’s ear.

“It’s engraved.” More heat against Ned’s ear. Another shiver. Ash’s rigid length ground against the cleft of Ned’s ass. God, please! Ned reached back and grabbed Ash’s hip. “Look at it.” Ash ordered. Ned forced his eyes to focus. There was a large N and then small letters. For Ned. He nodded and swallowed a moan when Ash rolled his hips again.

“Thank you. I love it.” Ned prayed Ash would put the thing aside and do something, anything with the hard cock that was rubbing so deliciously against his ass.

“This isn’t for you.” Ash breathed against Ned’s ear. “This is mine. Yours has my name on it.” He continued to rock against Ned.

“Oh. That’s very romantic.” Ned was genuinely touched. But still too aroused to focus. He felt Ash’s tongue lash against his ear.

“They’re not meant to be sentimental. They’re not for spirits.” He pressed the flask into Ned’s hand. “Open it.” He growled. Ned pressed his chest to the door so he could use his hands. His hands shook as he twisted the cap off. He saw Ash’s hand open. “Pour a little on my fingers.”

Ned groaned as a thin stream of oil spilled from the flask onto Ash’s fingers. He felt Ash’s other arm shift and there was a tug before Ned’s trousers slid down his legs. The hand returned and pressed against the door before Ash’s other hand disappear. Ned hissed as he felt very hot, slick fingers slide into the cleft of his ass.

“It’s so hot!” Ned gasped. He felt Ash nod and he exhaled against Ned’s ear.

“I’ve had it against my chest for days. You can’t imagine how arousing it is carrying that around. You’ll have yours with you at all times, in case you can’t wait and you need to take me.” His finger was hot and slippery as it found Ned’s tight hole.

“Jeeesus, Ash!” Ned felt his body start to shake. “Please!” He was desperate.

His eyes rolled back as Ash’s finger pressed in. It slid past the tight ring and then slid back. Ned exhaled and relaxed and felt his ass tingle in anticipation. Ash’s finger slid in deeper and curled. Warmth shot through Ned’s legs and his cock started to grow hard again. Ash’s breathing was labored and his body was a solid wall of heat behind Ned.

“I don’t think I can go slow, Ned.” Ash growled and his finger was gone. Ned felt Ash’s hand working behind him. Ned knew he was preparing his cock, getting it slick with oil.

“I don’t want you to go slow. I need you, Ash. Hard and fast.” Ned begged against the door. He shut his eyes and held his breath as he felt the head of Ash’s cock press against his entrance. Ash’s hand curled against the wood, close to Ned’s face as the arm around his chest pulled him tight. Ash groaned as he flexed his hips and slid all the way home in one long, slow thrust. “Ash!” Ned gasped in protest. Didn’t I say hard and fast? Ned complained silently.

Then, it got very hard and very fast. Ash’s hips started thrusting, relentless and driving deep. Ash’s hand clawed at the door and his breath thundered in Ned’s ear. Ned clung to Ash’s arm and squeezed the flask in his hand to keep from dropping it as his chest and face pressed to the door. He felt so full, stretched and clinging to Ash’s thick, rock hard cock as it drove into him. There was beautiful pain and indescribable pleasure. Ned felt his cock, stiff and throbbing, beating against the door. He could feel the thickest part of Ash’s cock rubbing against the spot inside of him that made him see colors. Ned bit his lip to keep from yelling. He could feel his balls pulling tight. Fuck! Again? Ned prayed he could keep quiet. Ash was mindless behind him, thrusting and groaning Ned’s name. His sounds were making Ned insane. The arm around Ned’s chest slid away and Ash’s other hand pressed against the door. Ned managed to close the flask before he dropped it. He pressed his hands to the door as Ash started rolling his hips hard into Ned. He bit down on his lip until he tasted blood as he felt his feet come off the floor from the force of Ash’s thrusts. Without any warning, Ned felt his shaft burn as a searing sting ran up it before a long, slow stream of seed started pouring from the head of his cock.

“God! Ash, I’m coming!” Ned hissed. Pleasure and heat coursed down his legs and they throbbed. Throbbed! A wave of dizziness washed over Ned as Ash froze behind him. Ned’s lips curved as he waited. Ash thrust hard three more times and heat exploded inside of Ned. There it is. Ned thought as he felt his bones melt. He looked down and saw that seed was still dripping lazily from his spent cock. “Christ.” Ned whispered as Ash relaxed against him. He was heavy and his body shook as he wrapped his arms around Ned.

“Did I hurt you?” His voice was tight and low against Ned’s neck. Ned reached back and cradled Ash’s jaw. Ned laughed softly.

“No. And I wouldn’t care if you did. That was incredible.” Ned mumbled. He felt so weak. He could barely move his lips. Ash’s face rubbed against his cheek.

“I love you so much, Ned.” He whispered. Ned’s heart felt as if it would burst within him. A tear slipped from his eye and he smiled.

“I love you too, Ash. And this door, apparently.” Ned groaned as he shifted his shoulder. He was still pressed against the panels and his neck was starting to cramp. Ash tensed.

“Damn it!” He cursed as he pushed away. His hands pulled against Ned’s chest, helping him stand up straight. Ned swiveled his neck and rotated his shoulders.

“All better!” He declared as he looked at the floor and door in front of him. The mess was impressive. Ned looked over his shoulder at Ash. Ash raised a brow.

“You should probably rest.” Ash rumbled. “Go.” He commanded as he pointed at the sofa. Ned smiled drunkenly as he stumbled across the room, his trousers around his knees. He fell face down on the sofa and shut his eyes. He heard Ash moving about the room, cleaning up. A few minutes later, he felt Ash parting his thighs and gently wiping his seed from between Ned’s legs. When Ned was finally able, he rolled to the side and pulled his trousers up and looked around the room. There was a wet spot on the floor in front of the door but the room was otherwise free of any evidence. Ash poured a glass of scotch and took a sip before he tilted the glass and spilled it, covering the dark shape on the wood. He refilled the glass and poured another before he crossed the room and settled on the sofa next to Ned. He handed Ned his drink and then sighed as he took a long swallow of his.

“Would you like to come to London with me when I go to close the house?” Ash asked. Ned felt giddy joy bubble within him.

“That would be brilliant!” He exclaimed as he leaned and pressed his lips to Ash’s throat. Ash’s arm wrapped around Ned’s shoulder and he pulled him close. Ash reached for the table and he picked up the Voltaire. He relaxed and crossed his legs as he opened the book.

“Good. I was thinking we’d go the day after tomorrow.” He said absently as he started reading. Ned rested his head on Ash’s chest, inhaling deeply as he settled into his warmth.

“Perfect. This is so perfect.” Ned sighed as his eyes became too heavy to stay open.

“Mmmhmm.” Ash hummed deeply, absently as he turned the page. His arm started rubbing Ned’s arm soothingly and Ned was gone.

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A FREE Book & A Super Naughty Excerpt!

A New Naughty Excerpt!

I know… I’ve been quiet lately. I’m on vacation, Pervy Readers. It’s nothing exotic. I’m in OKC. Which, is pretty exotic for a girl that lives in Arizona. Allllll the greeeeen! I’m soaking it up. And the vodka. Which I get to enjoy a lot earlier in the day since I don’t have to drive anyone anywhere. Or put on pants. That’s all I need in a vacation.

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I’m here and the drinking starts at 10 a.m.

I still have to pay for things because no one hands me cash for being cute. So, I’m “working”. Since I was traveling last Friday and didn’t post anything fun, I thought I’d give you something naughty today. My current WIP is about half done and it’s coming along fabulously. You’re going to love it. You better. Today, I’m working on the first morning. The Morning After Parker and Ross hook up. I’ll be picking this apart and changing stuff all over the place but I thought I’d give you a glimpse of it “As Is”.

**Warning! Grown-Up, Hot Gay Sexy Mens Doing Awesome Dirty Things! You Must Be 18 And Like Naughty Things!**

Everything with Ross had been so visceral and natural, so easy. Ross claimed that he wasn’t very good because he was inexperienced. He had no idea what that did to Parker. Not that Ross wasn’t good. He was amazing. Everything felt so honest, so sincere when he did it. Every touch held an energetic curiosity that gave Parker chills. Ross moved with an innate athletic grace that was far more arousing than the practiced bouncing of hips or contrived postures and glances. There was an exuberance and fascination, almost a sense of awe that Ross approached Parker with that was far more compelling than anything he’d ever experienced.

Parker didn’t want it to end. He was quietly dreading what would happen when Ross woke up. Would he offer flimsy excuses as he scrambled for the door? Would he want a quick fuck before he promised to call as he ran out? After the hours they’d spent talking and touching, Parker was hopeful but he knew he’d be setting himself up for disappointment if he let himself forget that it was still the morning after.

Ross’ body shifted and his arm raised as he rubbed his eyes. Parker sighed as he watched Ross lift his head and look across the bed before he sat up. His eyes drifted around the room before they stretched out the bedroom door and into the kitchen and found Parker’s. Ross offered a drowsy smile before he stretched and yawned. Ross swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood and Parker stifled a groan as Ross’ long, sculpted body glowed in the morning light. Heat spread through Parker’s body at the sight of a heavy morning hard-on as Ross stretched his neck and shoulders before he turned and walked toward Parker. Ross’ eyes were still lazy and soft and his lips gently curved as he approached.

“Good morning.” Ross murmured as he slid his arms around Parker’s waist and brushed his lips against Parker’s cheek.

“Want some coffee?” Parker’s voice broke as Ross’ teeth tugged at his earlobe.

“In a little bit. I want you first.” It was a gravelly, hot, wet rumble against Parker’s ear and goosebumps spilled down Parker’s neck and arms. “I didn’t get to do something last night.” Ross’ hands slid down Parker’s back, beneath the waistband of his pants and over his ass and Ross pushed them down. He bit Parker’s shoulder and growled softly as his hands swept around Parker’s thighs and closed around Parker’s now very stiff and pulsing erection. Parker groaned as Ross began to stroke. “I want to taste your come.” Ross announced as he lowered to his knees. His eyes locked on Parker’s as his tongue slid up the length of his cock and Parker gasped and pushed his hands through Ross’ hair.

“God, you’re so beautiful.” Parker whispered as heavy heat settled in his groin.

Ross’ lips and tongue bathed Parker’s length and he was once again struck by the pure, open adoration as he watched. Every lick and suck, every moment was about Ross’ curiosity and the joy he found in being able to freely touch and taste Parker. It was so much hotter than anything Parker had experienced before. When Ross’ lips closed around Parker’s shaft and began to suck, Parker grabbed the counter and ground his teeth, fighting against the urge to thrust into Ross’ mouth, not wanting to spoil that perfect wonder. Parker whispered Ross’ name over and over again as his body became lighter and brighter. Pleasure swirled and bloomed as pressure and tightness gathered in Parker’s sack and the base of his cock as Ross continued to suck and lick hungrily. Parker felt his nerves spark and retract.

“Ross!” He gasped as he wrapped his hands around Ross’ head. “I’m so close…” Parker’s head fell back and he pulled in a desperate breath as his eyes rolled. “I’m gonna…” A shriek burst from Parker’s throat when Ross’ large hands wrapped around the cheeks of his ass and the wet heat of Ross’ mouth clung tight as he sucked ruthlessly. “Fuck!” Parker yelled as heat, pleasure and pressure surged up his shaft and come burst from the head, deep in Ross’ throat. Ross hummed happily as he continued to suck, greedily draining Parker as his hands kneaded. Parker hung onto the counter as his body spasmed and shook until Ross released his cock with a soft pop and smiled drunkenly up at Parker.

“Even that tastes good.” He murmured as his lips gently caressed the head. Parker sagged against the counter and his hands slid lazily through Ross’ hair.

“That was amazing.” Parker sighed and Ross laughed softly as he stood up.

“Probably not. I’ve only done that a few times.” He admitted as he slid his hand around Parker’s cheek and pressed a quick kiss to his lips. Parker wrapped his hands around his face and kissed him urgently, savoring the taste of his come on Ross’ tongue.

“Trust me, it was really good.” Parker insisted and Ross’ smile became brilliant.

“Yeah?” He asked as he rubbed his nose against Parker’s.

“Yeah.” Parker bit Ross’ lip and he laughed softly.

“Good. I’ll have that coffee now.” He gave Parker’s ass another squeeze before he released it. Parker poured Ross a mug and they were quiet for several moments as they stood across from each other drinking their coffee. “This is good.” Ross said as he raised his mug and Parker nodded as he tried to find something to keep the silence from getting awkward.

“So, do you want some breakfast? I don’t really have anything here so we’d have to go out. I’m not much of a cook.” Parker admitted and Ross chuckled as he stared into his mug.

“I don’t cook either.” He said softly before he cringed. “I’d love to go get breakfast with you but I can’t.” Ross looked up at Parker apologetically and disappointment swelled.

“That’s cool. I’ll give you my number, you can call me if you want.” Parker chewed on his lip and tried to look relaxed as he stared into his coffee. When he looked up, Ross’ head was cocked and his brows were  pulled together as he stared at Parker.

“If I want?” Ross asked slowly and Parker nodded. Ross set his mug down and reached for Parker. “I’m definitely going to call. I don’t want to go Parker.” His voice was deep and velvety as he wrapped his arms around Parker. “I’m going for breakfast with Bryan and Ian. Bryan’s sister’s visiting and it’s her last weekend before she moves to Portland. I have to be there.” Ross explained and relief flooded Parker. He knew Ross was telling the truth. Ross’ head snapped back and he smiled. “Why don’t you come with me?” He asked and Parker started to nod as his eyes went to the clock. His heart sunk.

“Shit. I almost forgot.” He complained. “I can’t. My department is meeting for lunch at 11:00.” Parker rubbed the back of his neck and shook his head. “I can’t cancel. I’ve missed the last few because I was feeling sorry for myself. I promised I go today. I didn’t realize how late it was.” Parker saw Ross’ lips tilt and he shrugged.

“Fine. Then, I’ll see you tonight.” He declared and warmth burst in Parker’s chest. “I want to take you out to dinner. When can I pick you up?” Ross asked before he lowered his head and nibbled at Parker’s lips.

“I can be ready whenever.” Parker mumbled as he pulled Ross closer.

“I’ll make reservations and let you know.” His tongue slid along the seam of Parker’s lips and he angled his head as his tongue slipped between Parker’s lips. Parker felt the hard heat of Ross’ erection push against his thigh and Ross groaned into his mouth as Parker’s hand wrapped around it and began to stroke.

“Up on the counter.” Parker commanded when he released Ross’ lips.

Ross hopped and lifted himself onto the counter and leaned back on his hands as Parker spread his thighs and stepped between them. Ross hissed when Parker’s lips closed around his cock and slid down as Parker took him deep in his throat. The air was filled with the sounds of gasps, panting, wet slurps, cursing and Parker’s name. When Ross flew apart with a hoarse sob, Parker moaned in delight as Ross’ come coated his tongue. He tasted sweet, tart and faintly bitter, like grapefruit or sour apples.

They kissed for several minutes after, neither ready to let go, before Ross trudged into the bedroom and dressed. He kissed Parker deeply at the door before he left and Parker collapsed against the panels after it shut and sighed happily. He knew he was acting like a teenage girl but he didn’t care. He had a date with a really hot boy later.

Sigh. Back to work, I go. You better get, too. If you’ve got some time on your hands, you might check out my other books while you wait for me to finish this. If you haven’t already.

Waiting For Mr. Ashwell

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Building Heat

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Hide And Keep

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Playing The Hero

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A New Naughty Excerpt!

It’s THAT Day! Wanna Get Dirty?

Hey, Pervy Readers! It’s Hump Day! I’m not going to rattle on about me today. I’ve got a lot in my head that I need to put to the keys. This new WIP is coming along and it’s going to be a doozie, I think. I said that I’d share a bit about Ross since I’ve already given you a peek at Parker but I don’t think I will. I think I’m going to let you gather hints and clues as we go along. Since it’s Wednesday, I’m giving you the obligatory naughty bit. Enjoy.

**Warning! Explicit, Yummy Gay Sex and Adult Language! Be At Least 18 Years Old!**

“What did you do?” Parker gasped when he opened the door. Ross cringed and rubbed his hand over the light stubble across his head and face. His long waves were gone and Parker was a little heartbroken. So was the beard. Ross was clean shaven and looked younger and more severe, his cheek bones were sharp and his jaw was square. Ross had also lost some weight. Parker groaned as he reached for him. “You look like hell.” He complained and Ross laughed.

“Is it that bad?” He asked as he stepped through the door. Parker leaned back and wrapped his hands around Ross’ face.

“You’re still hot but you look tired and like you missed a lot of meals. I miss the hair and beard.” He admitted and Ross sighed as his hands splayed against Parker’s back and pulled him closer.

“I am tired and I missed a lot of meals. But I don’t care, I’m just glad I’m finally here.” He inhaled as he rubbed his lips against Parker’s neck. “And I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if I showed up with lice.” Ross added and Parker’s head pulled back in horrified shock.

“Lice!” He frowned as his eyes swept over Ross. “What the hell were you doing that made you lose so much weight and gave you lice?” Parker asked incredulously and Ross shook his head as he backed Parker toward the bedroom.

“Don’t worry about that, I’m fine. I just really need to be naked with you and in a bed.” He reassured as he pushed Parker’s t-shirt up his chest and over his head. Parker could only nod as need and excitement rushed through him. Ross’ eyes swept hungrily over Parker’s chest and he growled softly as he tumbled them onto the bed. “I’m not going to be able to stay awake for very long though.” He warned. “Wanting you is the only thing that’s kept me going all day. Normally, I go home and crash as soon as I can leave base and I don’t get out of bed for a few days.” Ross said as he rose on his knees and unbuttoned Parker’s jeans. Parker lifted his hips off the bed so Ross could slide them down over his hips and moaned when Ross tugged the front of his boxer briefs down and Parker’s cock sprang free.

“You can do whatever you want.” Parker insisted as he grabbed handfuls of Ross’ shirt and pulled. Ross hissed and sat up. He ripped the shirt off and tossed it aside and Parker gasped as he rose on his elbows. Half of Ross’ upper body was covered in what looked like road rash and bruises. “Ross!” Parker grabbed his shoulder and held him off. “Have you seen a doctor?” He asked and Ross nodded as he dove for Parker’s neck.

“First thing after we got to Doha. I’m fine. Just a few broken ribs.” He pushed Parker back on the bed and hummed happily as his tongue washed over Parker’s skin. “Stop worrying. I’ve been a lot worse.” He murmured as he made his way down Parker’s body, licking and biting. “God, you taste amazing.” Ross muffled against Parker’s stomach as he pushed Parker’s jeans and boxer briefs down his legs and discarded them.

Somehow, Ross managed to shed the rest of his clothes while he lapped at Parker’s cock. Parker gave in to Ross’ greedy, roaming hands and spread his thighs wide as Ross’ lips and tongue devoured. He pressed his hands to his face and smothered his moans and screams as Ross’ faced pressed into his ass and he laved, sucked and probed hungrily, ruthlessly. Parker begged Ross to finger his ass, to get him ready and eventually Ross gave in. Parker’s head lolled on the bed as he moaned deliriously as warm, heavy pleasure flooded his groin.

“I need to fuck you but I don’t know if I can do this right. I’m about to lose my mind.” Ross panted against Parker’s pulsing erection as he worked three fingers in and out of Parker’s hole. Parker tried to laugh but it came out as a gasp.

“You’re doing really good so far. Right now, fast and rough would be perfect.” He promised and Ross’ lips tilted in a loose grin and his eyes were heavy when he looked up at Parker.

“I can definitely manage fast and rough right now.” He said as he reached for a condom.

Ross quickly sheathed his cock and coated it in lube. He rubbed Parker’s hip and gestured for him to roll over. As soon as Parker got his knees beneath him, the head of Ross’ erection was nudging at his entrance. Parker swallowed a groan and pushed back as Ross slid forward. There was a brief sting but his body quickly adjusted and Parker began to ride Ross’ tentative thrusts and urged him to push harder. After a few minutes and several demands from Parker, Ross gave in and let go. His hips rolled and slammed into Parker relentlessly and Parker’s shoulders dropped to the bed as he sobbed in ecstasy and begged for more. Ross’ fingers dug and clawed at Parker’s flesh as he chanted Parker’s name and pressure and heat squeezed Parker’s sack and swelled into the base of his cock.

“Ross!” Parker gasped. “I’m about to come. Fuck me harder!” He demanded before he pushed his face into the mattress. Ross’ hands clamped around Parker’s ass cheeks and spread them wide as he drove deep and Parker screamed into the bed as lightning surged up his shaft and his body shattered. Ross yelled his name before he froze then his body jerked and he thrust a few more times before he began to convulse wildly against Parker.

“Sooo good.” Ross mumbled drunkenly as he collapsed and draped over Parker’s back. Parker melted into the mattress and sighed happily as Ross licked the back of his neck. “Are you ok?” He whispered and Parker snorted.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more ok in my life.” He stated and Ross laughed drowsily against Parker’s skin before he rolled off and pulled Parker against his chest.

“Are you sure you don’t mind if I’m in a coma for the next few days?” He asked and Parker shook his head.

“No. I’ll just be creepy and watch you sleep.” Parker whispered as he stroked Ross’ back soothingly. “I’ll stay here for a while and then I’ll go out and get food. You’re going to have to wake up now and then and eat. You have to put that weight back on.” Parker insisted gently and a soft snore rattled in Ross’ throat.

Parker spent about an hour enjoying the feel of Ross’ sated, boneless body against his before he carefully slid from the bed. He shook his head and frowned as he surveyed the rest of Ross’ body. A long, dark bruise covered most of one thigh and thick scabs and scratches were spread across his back and shoulders. Parker rubbed his hand across his mouth and resisted the urge to wake Ross and demand an explanation as his stomach clenched nervously at the thought of Ross in danger and in pain. He seemed so oblivious to it while it shredded Parker’s calm and tried to overshadow his joy at having Ross back. Eventually, Parker set his unease aside and got ready. He couldn’t do anything about the damage to Ross’ body but he could feed him and nurse his wounds.

I think that’s enough for now. If you want to read about more gorgeous men doing naughty things, there are lots of excerpts here on the blog. Or, you can read one of my books, if you haven’t already.

Waiting For Mr. Ashwell

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Building Heat

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Hide And Keep

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Playing The Hero

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It’s THAT Day! Wanna Get Dirty?

A Naughty Gift, For You!

**Very Adult Excerpt Below! You Must Be Over 18 To Enjoy!**

Wow! Pervy Readers! May has been beyond anything I could have imagined. Playing The Hero came out and the response has been wonderful. I’ve had some amazing chats with my readers and the feedback I’ve received has been so exciting and inspiring. Also, book sales have been unbelievable. Really. A few months ago I was chewing my lip and staring at our bank accounts and trying to figure out where I’d make cuts to pay for braces to fix my baby’s angry teeth. I don’t have to worry about that anymore and I have you to thank. I have no way to properly express my gratitude. It may seem like a small thing to some but as a parent, one less thing to worry about makes a world of difference.

You’re my therapy. One book, as a dare, has become one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I wasn’t sleeping anyways, so giving up the majority of my p.m. hours wasn’t a big deal. Years ago, I left work to be a stay-at-home mom and I never quite adjusted. I’m not taking anything away from moms and I had so many days when I knew I was lucky to be able to do it. But, I often felt like there was a part of me that wasn’t being expressed, that was getting buried. I was everything to four people but I didn’t feel like there was very much of Me happening. And there was the stress. There were bills, soooo many appointments, getting my girls through their big moments and Alex.

Sometimes, your child is a crucible and can test you in ways you’d never imagine. I love that boy. Really, I do. If I didn’t… I’d probably have eaten him a long time ago. In one week he took scissors to every cable in the living room (I told myself to be happy he unplugged first), he gave himself the most hysterical haircut, he bit through a vein on the back of his hand in a fit of Lego Star Wars induced rage, told me to die (because I took Lego Star Wars away), introduced a window to an iPhone and destroyed both… I’ll stop there because there were beautiful moments too. Yesterday, he came to me and said “Mom! I found me!” and I asked where he’d been and he said “Alex isn’t lost! I found me!” I don’t know what that means to him but it made me cry my eyes out in the middle of making coffee.

Anywaaaays. With the stresses of running a household, having two super busy girls and a son with autism struggling with puberty, this lady wasn’t sleeping. She used to make up stories to keep her mind out of panic spirals so that she could eventually fall asleep. Then, she tried writing out those stories and sharing them. Now, she has new friends that are so generous and are giving her an outlet and helping her solve some of her biggest problems. It’s such a magical, brilliant thing. You can’t begin to understand how happy you all have made me.

Since this month has been so overwhelmingly wonderful, I wanted to give my readers a little gift to make their weekend a little naughtier. So, I’m giving you a super naughty peek at my WIP. You’ve already met Parker and I thought that I’d let you see Parker and his man, Ross. I don’t have a good section that really describes Ross as a person yet, if I’m honest. I don’t write in a straight line. Also, I felt like you deserved something really fun and different. I wanted to end the month with a bang. Wink, wink. This is also a super good teaser full of hints about Ross. As usual, please keep in mind that this is a Work In Progress. I’ll go through and fine tooth comb it later. Enjoy:

** Warning! Dirty, Lovely Gay Sex and Very Adult Language! Proceed With Caution. And Maybe Some Privacy…**

Despite knowing that most of the faculty and dozens of students were speculating about his personal life, Parker couldn’t stop grinning and jumping every time his phone rang or vibrated. The only thing that marred his joy was the Not Knowing. Not knowing where Ross was, when he’d be back or when they’d have any sort of contact was driving Parker insane.

It had been six days since that last phone call when Parker’s phone growled and danced on the desk in his office. He grabbed and quickly swiped the screen and a burst of laughter escaped his lips when he saw that it was a message from Ross.


Just landed in Kuwait and I’ll call you as soon as I can get someplace quiet and private. I need to get cleaned up too. It’ll be a few hours.

Parker’s heart was out of control and he gasped when he saw an image downloading. He fell back in his seat and his eyes watered when the picture came through. It was Ross and he looked like some sort of action hero. He was wearing a black baseball cap that was pulled backwards, black sunglasses, a black and white checkered scarf around his neck, a bulletproof vest with about a hundred pouches, a grey t-shirt, khaki cargo pants and black boots. He was holding a giant automatic rifle with a large scope and had a camouflage backpack slung over a shoulder. And he was filthy. Ross’ face was windburned around his beard, he was covered in smudges of dirt and oil (and something that Parker prayed wasn’t blood) from head to toe and his shirt was soaked at his arm pits. Parker had never been so turned on in his life. He quickly saved the photo and attached it to Ross’ contact info so that it would show up every time he called or sent a text. Parker instinctively knew he didn’t want to be at the office when Ross called. He quickly packed up everything he’d need to prepare for the next day’s lecture and made his excuses to his secretary. Parker was doing his best to focus on fertility goddesses when his phone rang a little more than two hours later and Ross’ picture popped up.

“Hey. I don’t know what you were doing but you looked so hot while you were doing it.” Parker said as he got up from the table and dropped onto the couch. Ross laughed and Parker’s eyes rolled in delight and heat flooded his groin.

“Well, it was about 112 degrees and I was thinking of you. All I could think about was getting someplace alone and hearing your voice.” Ross said and it sounded as if he was stretching.

“Where are you?” Parker asked as he tried to ignore the steady pulsing of his cock as it got hard.

“I’m in a hotel. I’ve got about ten hours until I can catch a flight. I took a quick shower and shaved. Once I’m off the phone with you, I’m passing out. I haven’t slept in a few days.” Ross sounded exhausted and Parker frowned.

“Then why don’t you go and call me later? I’d rather you got some rest before you have to be on the move again.” Parker insisted. He heard Ross sigh and goosebumps spilled down Parker’s arms.

“No. I need to talk to you first.” He insisted and Parker’s insides melted.

“Fine. We’re talking. Will you be on your way back when you catch that flight?” Parker bit his lip, hoping he wasn’t asking something that Ross couldn’t answer.

“Yeah. I should be back in Virginia in about two days.” He made a soft groaning growl sound and Parker felt it in his balls. “God, I can’t stand how sexy you sound. You have no idea how turned on I am right now, Parker.” Ross whispered. Parker’s erection throbbed insistently and his jaw dropped.

“I’m pretty sure I have a good idea.” Parker’s voice cracked and he squeezed his hard-on through his sweatpants. He licked his lips as a wicked thought came to him. “I wish you could feel how hard I am right now.” He murmured as he ran his hand over his aching length and he heard Ross shudder.

“Jesus.” Ross moaned. “I wish I could feel it, too. It’s been so hard, not thinking about your body and your cock and the things I want to do with it.” His voice was low and shook. Parker swallowed as need swelled within him.

“What do you want to do?” Parker asked as he slid his hand beneath the waist of his sweatpants and wrapped it around his shaft and let it slide. “I’m touching my cock right now. Tell me what you want to do with it.” Parker urged and Ross moaned again. It was the sexiest sound Parker had ever heard and he knew that it would only take a few more of those to finish him.

“I need to taste every inch of it. Then, I need to feel it inside of me. I need you to fuck me so bad, Parker.” Ross’ breath was like thunder through the phone and Parker could hear movement.

“I promise, I’m going to fuck you so hard. But I’m going to have to get my tongue in your ass, first. You taste so good, I can’t stop thinking about it.” Parker heard a ragged exhale and a steady beat. “What are you doing?” He knew but he needed to hear Ross say it.

“I’m rubbing my cock. I can’t help it, Parker. I need you so bad and you’ve got me so turned on.” Ross whimpered and Parker’s body tightened as he pictured Ross, naked and stretched out on a bed, jerking off with the phone in one hand.

“Holy shit. That’s so hot.” Parker groaned as he pushed his pants down and started tugging on his straining erection. “I want you to come for me, Ross.” Parker begged. “I want you to see me, on my knees with my mouth wrapped around your cock. I need you to come in my mouth. I love the way your come tastes, I’m going to swallow every drop and suck you dry.” He promised and Ross hissed and his breathing became frantic.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, Parkerrrrr!” Ross panted then gasped and Parker felt his balls pull tight as heat and pressure rushed into the base of his cock. “I’m coming!” It was strained and weak and Parker heard Ross hold his breath before everything went silent. Then, a smothered yell. Parker clenched his jaw as his nerves contracted and warmth and pleasure erupted in his groin as his cock pulsed and a burst of come hit his chest. He kept stroking and come poured over his fist as Ross’ breath huffed fast and hard in his ear. Parker closed his eyes and imagined Ross’ lips were touching his ear.

“Wow.” Parker said between breaths. “That was… Wow.” He shook his head as he stared down at his chest and his hand. That had been more intense and satisfying than most of the actual sex he’d had. Ross laughed and it sounded drunk and heavy.

“Seriously. That was incredible.” He mumbled. “How do you manage to be amazing when you aren’t even here?” Ross slurred and Parker squeezed his eyes shut. He had to let Ross go. He didn’t like the idea but he knew that Ross needed to get some rest.

“Wait until you see what I’m going to do when you get here.” He teased and Ross hummed contentedly and Parker ached to hold him. “But you need to get off the phone. Get some sleep and don’t miss that flight.” Parker ordered and Ross sighed.

“Ok. I will. I’ll call you when I can. I’ll have a layover somewhere.” He was already drifting off.

“Good. I’ll be thinking of you. Bye.” Parker said.

“Me too. Bye.” Ross breathed and Parker smiled when the call ended.

That’s it, for now. It’s coming along so well and I can’t wait to get this finished for you. While you’re waiting, you can check out my other books!

Waiting For Mr. Ashwell

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http://www.amazon.com/Waiting-For-Mr-Ashwell-Sterling-ebook/dp/B00TC2EQIY/ref=zg_bs_7620215011_91 …

Building Heat

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Hide And Keep

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Playing The Hero

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A Naughty Gift, For You!

My Favorite Dirty Guys

**VERY Adult Excerpt! You MUST be over 18 to enjoy!**

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Hey, my pervy readers! Hide And Keep reached a milestone early this morning and I thought I’d give it a nod and wanted to share my thoughts on a discussion I’ve been having with one of my readers. I get the most feedback on this book, and I totally get it. I think it’s my favorite. Of all of them. I’ve blogged a lot about how Aiden came about and why he’s important. He’s a lovely combination of anti-hero and innocent. And he’s really fucking hot. Anyways, this reader said her favorite chapter from ALL of my books had Aiden and Lane’s first kiss in it. It’s good, right? Of course it is. You have a man with Asperger’s and sensory issues that’s afraid of intimacy being confronted by that while getting drilled. I know, I’m so think-ie and subtle. She says it’s great because it’s Lane being vulnerable yet strong and Aiden learns that he’s very human. While I agree and appreciate that chapter, it’s not my favorite. Chapter 5. It’s very Woah. For me, at least. I think it sums up the whole book perfectly. It gives the perfect glimpse of each character and has hints of every plot point without giving away the Big Reveal. And it’s UBER naughty. If you’ve got Hide And Keep waiting on your device or you’ve seen it pushed here on the blog or on Twitter and have been eyeing it, this is perfect for you. Or, maybe you’ve read it and you love this chapter as much as I do and can’t read it too many times. Also, I mentioned a few times that the “Cookie Scene” in chapter 20 was a tough one for me and I worried that it was a touch too much but I’ve heard from a few that they loved it. So, my pervy readers are perfectly, super duper pervy. I love that very much.

Here’s Chapter 5:

**Second Warning! Very Graphic, Nummy Gay Sex! Proceed Adult-ishly!**

Maybe I could get a place. I forgot how good it feels to sleep in a bed, Aiden thought as he ripped the tags off a t-shirt and pulled it over his head. After it’s over. If it ever ends, he frowned as he pulled a pair of jeans on. After three years, he was exhausted with it. His thoughts had been dark lately. His mind would drift and he’d imagine giving up and coming out into the open, letting it happen. But the bed felt good. Having that every night could be worth holding on for.

Coming downstairs after he woke up had been almost heaven. If Cabbot hadn’t been there, it would have been perfect. Aiden had never had a morning after. No one had ever made him breakfast. And it was pancakes. He could live for pancakes alone. Aiden said the character was Mr. Morning After. That was a lie. In his head, Aiden was pretending he was Mr. Every Morning. He pretended he knew the body he’d put his arms around as well as his own, that this Sunday had been one of many with pancakes and shower sex. But Aiden knew better than to imagine he’d ever really be Mr. Every Morning. Men like Lane didn’t stay with men like Aiden. A man like Lane might make Aiden pancakes once or twice to save him from a few fast food meals but Aiden wasn’t the type that got long term pancakes.

But Cabbot didn’t deserve long term pancakes either. The idea of Lane with Cabbot made Aiden’s chest tight and he felt like dark heavy slow colors. He didn’t understand it. Aiden had never given any thought to who his past partners slept with, before or after him. It had always been about that moment, the brief time they were together. There was never a before. There was never an after. Aiden hated that Cabbot had touched Lane. He was arrogant and thought he was better than Lane. Cabbot wanted to keep Lane on the side, always waiting for him. Lane deserved someone special that was worth long term pancakes. Even worse, Aiden could tell that Cabbot was lousy in bed. Lane didn’t like having sex with Cabbot. Aiden didn’t understand why Lane had settled but he shouldn’t have.

Aiden had never been aggressive. He had never pursued anyone. His partners tended to seek him out or it was a simple matter of mutual convenience. After meeting Cabbot, Aiden was determined to have Lane. He’d wanted Lane as soon as he saw him in the terminal and his desire grew more intense with each moment they spent together. Aiden couldn’t accept that Cabbot could have Lane but he couldn’t. And Lane could use a few nights with someone that knew how to worship his body and turn it inside out. Aiden might not understand the dynamics of interpersonal communication but he understood how sex and the body worked. Aiden was going to introduce Lane to Mr. Make-His-Toes-Curl-And-Set-His-Hair-On-Fire.

There was the sound of the shower across the hall. Aiden smiled and his body became taut with arousal and anticipation. Aiden knew he’d get his shower sex before he left. Lane had wanted it as much as he did. Even Aiden could see it in Lane’s eyes. The phone buzzed as Aiden was sliding it into his pocket. He froze. His throat tightened and his heart started to beat faster as his body became cold and dark. Don’t. Not now, Aiden urged. He took a deep breath and shook his head. He wasn’t going to look. The message could wait. Fear and anger could wait. Right now, Aiden had something better to focus on. He was going to enjoy the lust and adrenaline of a new lover. He was going to get through Lane’s resistance. And then, Aiden was going to lose himself in Lane for as long as he could.

“What can I make you that you’ll eat?” Lane asked and Aiden looked up from his phone.

Aiden had spent the afternoon going over the crime scene photos from Cabbot’s case and reading statements from his phone. Lane read for a little while and watched a football game. Aiden was surprised when Lane let him eat the rest of the pancakes for lunch. It was turning out to be one of the best days Aiden had in as long as he could remember. Aiden’s lips twisted as he tried to think of what he’d liked to eat. His mother was the last person to cook for him and she had died six years ago. There was a memory followed by a terrible longing. Aiden was afraid to ask, if Lane didn’t have the ingredients, it would be disappointing. Aiden must have frowned or made another gesture that gave him away.

“What?” Lane asked. Aiden looked up at Lane.

“Can you make a grilled cheese?” He asked cautiously and held his breath as Lane’s head pulled back in surprise.

“A grilled cheese?” Lane repeated slowly and Aiden nodded.

“Yes. With apple slices or grapes and plain, sliced cucumbers.” Aiden became very still as he waited. Lane nodded and Aiden almost cried.

“A grilled cheese it is. With apple slices and grapes and plain, sliced cucumbers,” he announced as he went into the kitchen. Aiden felt warm bright colors burst within him and he had to clench his hands at his sides to keep from jumping up and laughing. Another memory.

“But just orange cheese. I don’t like white cheese,” Aiden called and Lane laughed from inside the fridge.

“Cheddar. Got it,” he replied.

Fifteen minutes later, Aiden had to blink back tears as he stared at two grilled cheese sandwiches, apples, grapes and cucumbers. It was perfect. He hooked his feet around the chair legs, straightened his back and locked his shoulders to keep from rocking as he started to eat. Aiden ate his sandwiches quickly then the cucumbers. He ate his apples and looked up at Lane as he popped the last grape into his mouth and found him watching. Aiden raised a brow in question and Lane smiled as he leaned back in his seat.

“You eat like a toddler,” he said and Aiden frowned as he tried to understand.

“I don’t think that’s accurate. I am much neater than a toddler when I eat. Also, I have significantly more teeth, so I can cope with more larger, solid foods,” he argued and Lane laughed.

“I’m sorry, you have the diet of a toddler, Aiden,” Lane amended. Aiden’s eyes flicked toward the ceiling as he considered and he nodded.

“Possibly. But I don’t like bananas,” he admitted and Lane laughed again as he took their plates to the kitchen.

“You know, you’re kind of adorable once you get used to the lack of filter, Aiden,” Lane said as he started loading the dishwasher. Aiden narrowed his eyes as he stared at Lane and tried to decide if it was a sincere compliment. He had a feeling it was and it made him warm. Time to show him you’re a man, Aiden decided as he stood up.

“I’d like to make you something. How about a cocktail?” Aiden asked as he walked toward the bar in the living room.

“I thought you didn’t drink,” Lane called from the sink. Aiden nodded as he took stock of the liquor and mixers.

“I don’t but my parents used to host parties and I would bartend. I’ve memorized at least a hundred drinks,” Aiden said as he went to the kitchen. “I need ice,” he announced as he pulled the freezer open. “What would you like?” Aiden asked as he shut the door and leaned against it. Lane shrugged.

“Surprise me,” he said with a wink. Aiden let his lips tilt in an easy grin and made his eyes look drowsy.

“I intend to,” he said softly as he slowly brushed past Lane. He let his hand drag across Lane’s lower back slowly and he smiled when Lane stiffened and held his breath.

Aiden made an old fashioned with orange bitters and set it on the coffee table as he waited for Lane to join him. Lane looked wary when he settled on the sofa next to Aiden and reached for his drink. He took a cautious sip and smiled as he swallowed.

“That’s delightful,” he sighed as he reclined. Aiden nodded as his arm extended along the back of the sofa and let his hand rest behind Lane’s shoulders.

“Why Cabbot?” Aiden asked as he traced Lane’s shoulder lightly with his middle finger. Lane frowned.

“Do we have to talk about my sex life?” He asked warily. Aiden’s head tilted.

“Why not?” Aiden countered and Lane sighed wearily.

“Because you just met the last two years. It’s not exactly something I’m really excited about or proud of,” he admitted. “Why don’t we talk about yours?” Lane looked at Aiden pointedly. Aiden shrugged.

“Fine. What do you want to know?” He asked and Lane looked surprised. Was he expecting Aiden to deflect? Lane leaned closer and Aiden started to stroke between his shoulder blades.

“Are you seeing anyone back home, in D.C.?” Lane asked. Aiden bit his lip as he considered.

“I spend more time away from D.C. than I do there. I’m not in a relationship with anyone but I do have someone that I have sex with regularly, when I’m in town,” he explained and Lane’s eyes narrowed as they searched Aiden’s.

“What’s his name?” Lane’s shoulders tightened. Aiden found that interesting.

“Paul Sloan,” Aiden said and they became tighter.

“Why aren’t you and Paul in a relationship?” Lane asked. It was Aiden’s turn to be surprised.

“Is that a real question, or a joke?” He asked and Lane frowned.

“Why would it be a joke?” His eyes were steady as they held Aiden’s.

“No one would want to be in a relationship with me.” Aiden stated. Lane’s mouth opened and closed several times before he shook his head.

“That’s stupid. Why wouldn’t someone want to be in a relationship with you?” He asked. Aiden laughed softly.

“Aside from the fact that I have no filter and eat like a toddler?” He gave back Lane’s pointed look. Lane rubbed the back of his neck as he cringed.

“Ok, but as far as faults go, those aren’t the worst. And you’re pretty upfront about your flaws. I can think of much worse,” Lane offered and took a long sip of his drink. Aiden stared out the window as he considered Lane’s point.

“I suppose but it’s never come to that with anyone. Definitely not with Paul. We’re sexually compatible but we have very little in common and have no desire to spend time with each other.” Aiden pictured Paul and reviewed everything he knew about him. “I don’t find him very interesting or enjoy talking to him. And I don’t think he really likes me. We respect each other professionally and the sex is enjoyable but that’s it,” Aiden admitted. “Also, I don’t want to be monogamous with Paul. I occasionally come across someone I’m attracted to when I’m traveling.” Aiden winked at Lane and his fingers trailed slowly up Lane’s neck and he shivered as he stared at Aiden.

“So, you’re kind of a slut?” Lane smiled and Aiden understood he was teasing.

“I don’t think so. Four partners in the last year doesn’t seem too unreasonable. And I’m always careful,” Aiden said and Lane nodded.

“No, that’s not as bad as I was expecting. And everything’s easy and everyone’s happy? No nightmares in your past?” Lane asked. Aiden felt a reflexive tightening in his chest as he pictured the text message he’d received that morning.


Enjoying Lake Cliff?

“Just one but I don’t want to ruin the mood,” he said as he let his fingernails scrape up and down the back of Lane’s neck. Lane sighed as he leaned closer. “Can we talk about Cabbot now?” Aiden asked. Lane frowned.

“Why are you so interested in Clark?” Lane asked as he searched Aiden’s eyes. Aiden held his gaze.

“It doesn’t make sense to me. I can’t understand what you saw in him or why you thought he was good enough for you,” Aiden said softly. Lane snorted as he raised his drink to his lips. He drained his glass and set it down before he got up and went to the window.

“I didn’t see anything in Clark. He was there and I knew it would never get complicated. I didn’t have time for feelings or obligations. We understood that we both had more important things in our lives and it was just sex, whenever it was convenient.” Lane pressed his arm against the glass and set his chin on it as he stared out. Aiden got up silently and crossed the room. Lane sighed as he rested his forehead against the glass. “I’ve been tired of it for a long time. But I didn’t have any other prospects and I don’t have time for the dating scene,” He mumbled.

Aiden stopped behind Lane and slid his hands up his back. He felt Lane tense for a moment before he sighed and relaxed. Aiden sent his hands around Lane’s waist and pushed them up his stomach. He felt the hard ridges of Lane’s stomach and firm, flat pecs beneath his t-shirt. Aiden angled his head as he leaned against Lane and bit his neck, dragging his teeth along Lane’s skin. Aiden knew Lane liked that and wasn’t surprised by the soft moan that slipped from Lane’s throat. It made Aiden feel hot and urgent, he pressed his body against Lane’s and ground his hips. Aiden felt Lane exhale, it was long and ragged and became fog on the glass in front of Lane’s face.

“What was that?” Aiden breathed into Lane’s ear.

Lane shook his head weakly and Aiden’s lips curved as his hands drifted down Lane’s body. He gently pressed them against Lane’s thighs and let them slide up. Aiden rubbed his lips against Lane’s ear and hummed softly as his hand brushed over Lane’s very large, very hard erection. Aiden could feel the heat of it through Lane’s jeans. His own cock pulsed urgently and Aiden rocked his hips, pressing it into the cleft of Lane’s ass. Lane hissed and arched against Aiden.

“This?” Aiden murmured as he ground against Lane again. Lane nodded drunkenly.

“It’s been a really long time,” Lane whispered hoarsely against the glass. That surprised Aiden. He leaned back and slid his hands over Lane’s ass.

“Cabbot didn’t…?” Aiden squeezed and his cock throbbed painfully at the feel of firm, round flesh filling his hands. Lane shook his head.

“Clark wouldn’t. He preferred fucking his wife,” Lane rasped. Aiden sucked his teeth as he traced the cleft of Lane’s ass through the thick fabric.

“I don’t know what he’s made of because your ass is killing me. You can’t imagine all the things I want to do to it.” Aiden grabbed Lane’s hips and started to rock against him, letting his erection grind between the hard globes of Lane’s ass.

“He never wanted to touch me there,” Lane breathed and Aiden shook his head in disbelief.

“I’m good, Lane. I can make you come so hard and in so many different ways… And when you let me, I’m going to fuck you so hard and so deep, I’m going to need a flashlight to find my way out,” Aiden whispered as he slid his hands under Lane’s shirt. Lane’s skin was hot and flickered under Aiden’s fingertips.

“Aiden… I…” Lane shuddered and his hand reached down and closed around Aiden’s ass, pulling him closer. Aiden licked Lane’s ear.

“Ssshhh…” Aiden traced Lane’s ear with the tip of his tongue. “I’m hungry, Lane. You won’t compare me to a toddler again when I’m done with you,” he promised as he pushed Lane’s shirt up and Lane raised his arms, letting Aiden pull it off.

“Isn’t it a bit late for Mr. Morning After?” Lane mumbled as he pressed his hands against the glass. Aiden bit Lane’s shoulder and hummed against his skin as he unbuttoned Lane’s jeans.

“You’re about meet Mr. Makes-Him-Scream-So-Loud-The-Angels-Hear-Him,” Aiden warned as he tugged Lane’s jeans down, over his hips. Lane groaned when Aiden’s hands slid beneath the elastic of his boxers and over his ass as they pushed them down.

“You’re very confident,” Lane whispered shakily. Aiden laughed softly as he let his tongue slide up the back of Lane’s neck.

“If you did some research, you’ll know that people like me can become intensely, obsessively interested in very specific things,” Aiden said as he brushed his lips down Lane’s spine.

“Right?” Lane panted. Aiden smiled wolfishly as he dropped to his knees and ran his hands down Lane’s legs, pulling his jeans and boxers off.

“This is one of my things,” Aiden whispered before he nipped at one of Lane’s ass cheeks causing him to jump. “And I’m not capable of exaggerating.” He slid his hands up the insides of Lane’s thighs as his tongue traced the cleft of Lane’s ass.

“Oh, Jesus,” Lane gasped and his body started to shake.

Aiden was done talking. He pulled Lane’s hips back before he wrapped his hands around Lane’s ass and opened him. Aiden lapped at Lane with broad strokes and groaned in delight. Aiden could always taste sex. It was one of the few times when all of his senses synced and hummed. Lane tasted like soap and something soft citrusy bright and a hint of salty skin. He heard Lane whimper and Aiden pressed deeper, his tongue washing over the hot, puckered flesh of Lane’s hole. Aiden traced it gently, swirling his tongue around, teasing Lane. Aiden heard a strangled moan and increased the pressure as he continued to circle Lane’s quivering entrance. Lane gasped Aiden’s name and he chuckled as he flicked his tongue. Lane shrieked. Aiden made his tongue firm and beat the tip against Lane’s tight hole. Aiden’s fingers slid and splayed around Lane’s entrance and pulled gently as Aiden thrust his tongue, drilling into Lane’s tightness. Lane began to sob as Aiden greedily probed and sucked, lost in the taste and heat of Lane.

“Aiden! Holy Fuck!” Lane screamed against the window and Aiden’s head snapped up.

He’d completely lost track of time, and the world in general. Lane’s body was quivering and covered in a sheen of sweat. Aiden blinked several times then grinned. He grabbed Lane by the hips and spun him so that his back fell against the glass and Lane gasped as he looked down at Aiden. Aiden licked his lips as his eyes devoured Lane’s glistening, naked body. He was hard and sculpted and trembling with need. Aiden’s eyes widened when they reached Lane’s straining erection. A long string of pre-cum hung from the thick length and Aiden’s gaze fell to a clear puddle on the floor.

“I’ve never seen anyone leak like that,” Aiden whispered in awe as he reached for Lane’s cock. Lane exhaled hard and his head fall back against the glass as Aiden’s hands closed around him.

“You just tongue-fucked my ass. It was incredible. What did you expect?” Lane asked weakly as his hands slid into his hair. ‘Oh, fuck!” He yelled as Aiden pulled one of his balls into his mouth and began to suck.

Lane’s sack was soft, warm and hairless and Aiden took his time lapping and sucking at the tender flesh. Lane writhed against the window and panted Aiden’s name. Aiden released it and set his tongue to the base of Lane’s cock and slid it all the way to the tip. Aiden gasped when the taste of Lane’s pre-cum coated his tongue. It was sweet crisp soft green like apples and Aiden couldn’t stand how tight his jeans felt. His erection was being squeezed and pinched. Aiden rose on his knees and quickly opened his jeans and freed his aching length as he lapped at the head of Lane’s cock.

“So good,” Aiden murmured against the tight, tender skin before he teased the slit with the tip of his tongue.

More of Lane’s clear essence dribbled out and Aiden wrapped his lips around the tip and suckled hungrily. Lane hissed as his hand slid into Aiden’s hair. Aiden wrapped his lips around Lane’s erection and lowered his head, slowly taking Lane deeper into his mouth. He let the head nudge the back of his throat and Lane breathed his name. Aiden relaxed his jaw and began to suck as he raised his head. There was more of the green apple taste and Aiden let go of everything around him and sucked ravenously as his head rose and fell, his lips caressing Lane’s pulsing length firmly. After a few minutes, Aiden was taking Lane’s full length, deep in his throat and Lane swore loudly when Aiden started to hum around him. Aiden couldn’t take it anymore, his cock felt like it was made of lead and his balls were an angry red ache. He grabbed his shaft and started to stroke as he continued to greedily swallow Lane’s erection. Aiden heard Lane gasp and he looked up to find Lane watching him.

“That’s so fucking hot!” He whimpered as he clutched at Aiden’s head. “I can’t… I’m going to come, Aiden,” Lane panted desperately.

Aiden wrapped his arm around Lane’s waist, locking him against his face as he sucked harder and stroked his own erection faster. Aiden could feel the warm golden squeeze in his sack and he knew his own release was coming. Lane arched against the glass and clawed at Aiden’s arm. Aiden felt Lane’s cock swell and contract before it started to pulse against his tongue. Lane screamed Aiden’s name as a thick, hot burst of come filled Aiden’s throat and washed over his tongue. Aiden’s eyes rolled back into his head as the taste of Lane spread through his body. He was sweet with the faintest hint of bleach. Aiden moaned around Lane as he felt hard lightening push its way up his cock and his nerves exploded. Come shot from the head of Aiden’s erection as his body became hot oranges and yellows and pleasure radiated through his body.

“Aiden, let go. Please,” Lane begged raggedly as he twitched and twisted against the window.

Aiden released him, slowly pulling his lips from around Lane’s softening length as he sat back on his heels, shuddering as the last of his climax rolled though him. There was a long sigh before Lane’s body slid down the glass and he landed on the floor, limp and stunned in front of Aiden. He shut his eyes and rested his head against the window. Lane was silent for several moments before he smiled.

“I’m sitting in a cold puddle and a hot puddle,” he murmured. Aiden frowned as he looked down. The polished concrete floor didn’t look comfortable to begin with. Aiden was sure his knees would be sore later.

“Hold on.” He jumped to his feet and carefully settled his cock in his pants and zipped as he went to the kitchen and dampened some paper towels. Aiden went back to the living room and pulled Lane to his feet. He ignored Lane’s protests and gently cleaned his ass and thighs before he led him back to the sofa. Aiden made Lane another old fashioned before he wiped the floor clean. By the time Aiden fell onto the sofa next to Lane, they were breathing normally and Lane was smiling drowsily. He held up the glass, letting the setting sun shine though it.

“You do not exaggerate,” Lane announced before he took a long sip and sighed. “We’re taking a shower after I finish this.”

Now, go have a smoke or take a shower. If you don’t have Hide And Keep and want it for your own, go here:


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